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Raw Life! Raw Cakes

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"Specialising in Organic, Raw Vegan Chocolates and Cakes!"


All Raw Life! cakes are completely raw and vegan, no cooking has been involved, no ovens! The only ingredients we melt are cacao butter and coconut oil, which is always done at under 42 degrees celsius, to keep all the nutrients intact.

All Raw Life! cake ingredients are certified organic, unless otherwise stated.
All of our cakes are completely gluten and sugar free.
We only use dried fruit or agave nectar to sweeten.

Raw Life! cakes are all completey vegan as we use no animal products whatsoever.

And of course, all of our cakes are absolutely delicious!


Chocolate Mint Cake   Amazing Raspberry & Chocolate Cake!  
Chocolate Mint Cake
Amazing Raspberry & Chocolate Cake!
Lemon and Coconut Cake!
Fresh!!! Almond peppermint cream layer surrounded by a yummy chocolate biscuit layer. Too good to not eat!
AMAZING!!!! This cake is just diviiine!! An awesome chocolate base made from walnuts, dates and almonds, then layered with the most delicious raspberry cashew white chocolate! Yum! And then iced with THE BEST coconut icing!!!! Soo yummy!
Yummy Lemon and Coconut Cake. Filled with amazing really raw cashews, lots of coconut, lemon juice and just overall yummy goodness!!
Goji Berry & Mango Cheesecake   Raspberry Cheesecake   Apricot & Blueberry Cheesecake
Super Goji Berry & Mango Cheesecake!
Raspberry & Mesquite Cheesecake!
Apricot & Blueberry Cheesecake!
Another favourite by all! :) Our top layer is yummy goji berries mixed with enough agave to be sweet but not too sweet, sitting on top of a yummy mango cheesecake layer.
Raspberryyyyy..... yum! This cheesecake oozes creaminess with coconut oil, cacao butter as well as lots of raspberries and macadamias. Oh yeah, we also threw in some yummy mesquite for good measure too!
Ohhhhh! This is definitely one of our customers favourites at the Organic and Sustainable Market! Please try me when you see me and find out why I am loved so much! :)
Blueberry & Lucuma Cheesecake Lemon Cheesecake   Sweet Lucuma and Caramel Cake
Smooth Blueberry & Lucuma Cheesecake!
Lemon Cheesecake
Sweet Lucuma & Caramel Cake!
Do you love blueberries? We do! :) Which is why we created this yummy macadamia cheesecake with LOTS of bluberries, plus that yummy Peruvian fruit called lucuma! Yum!
Made with really raw cashews, this Lemon Cheesecake is really worth it! A beautiful lemony creamy flavour... yum! No dairy or animal products used. Yep, it's completely vegan! (As are all cakes at Raw Life!).
A delicious caramel flavour bursting with the sweet Peruvian fruit - lucuma! Oh wow, just wait til you try this! Combined with apricots and almonds, very delicious!
Chocolate Cashew Jaffa Cake   Anais Raspberry & Mango Cheesecake    
Chocolate Cashew Jaffa Cake
Raspberry & Mango 2 Layered Cheesecake

A tasty Jaffa-flavoured-Chocolate Cake, using real certified organic South Australian oranges! We also add a little sweet orange essential oil for extra flavour. We like to keep this one in the freezer and then just take out before serving! Yum!!

A special little girl called Anais, well, this sweet cake was her 3rd birthday cake :) A yummy raspberry and lucuma cheesecake layer sitting on top of another yummy mango and lucuma cheesecake layer. Mmm....

Actual above photographs are for large size cake, which are approx 23cm in diameter. Medium cake is approximately 18cm in diameter.

Delivery charge for all orders is a flat rate of $6.50. Orders for cakes need to be placed a minimum of 2-3 days earlier, in order to guarantee your order. We currently only deliver within the metropolitan area of Adelaide, but chocolate and truffles can be sent anywhere within Australia.

Please note, all orders must be paid for in full before delivery.

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